State Maps

Here is a map of all the states that Lesley has been to.

Here is a map of all the states that Karis has been to (including airports) and including her upcoming trip to PA to cheer on Trina and her Lady Lions!

Here is a map of the states that I can remember visiting, but I am anxious to hear about the one's that I've forgotten.

You can complete your own state map or world map at this site.


chaz said...

Can anyone beat 42?

The ones I can't remember ever visiting/living in:
Alaska & Hawaii (the freak states)
North & South Dakota

Clearly the last one on the list is the odd-state-out; I'm sure I've been there, but for the life of me, I can't remember when. It must've been that much fun.

Trina said...

Dang it. I almost beat 42. Here are the states I've never been to:

North & South Dakota

I guess I need to take a trip up to the Northwest. Am I really missing that much?

chaz said...

Apparently the Oregon coast is absolutely beautiful. I love the bit of the Pacific Northwest I've experienced in Idaho (though I grant it's not the same as the Washington and Oregon coasts).

As for North and South Dakota, I'm not exactly planning on beating a path to the death-wind northern plains. Ugh.

Katie said...

Hmmm... even more interesting than where Chaz and Trina have been would be where the heck they are now and what they're doing there.

Ray said...

You were in Maine and New Hampshire when we drove from PEI to Boston.
You stopped in Texas on your way to Disney World.
You went skiing at Whitefish, Montana.
You were in Idaho on your way back from Expo in Vancouver.
How could you forget those great family trips?

jon said...

I just wonder how many of those states Chaz walked to.

Amanda said...

I think I might have Karis beat for fewest!

But now I can say I've been to Jon's blog.