Back Home

I'm off back home to present my paper, "Maximally Fragile Events and the Causal Relation" at the University of Calgary Graduate Student Philosophy Conference. I wish that I was talking about epistemology, but hopefully I will survive the metaphysicians.


Primary Comps Completed

This last Thursday I passed my primary comprehensive exam in epistemology. It was three hours of writing fun which I followed up with three hours of teaching Logic. All in all, not a very nice day. The primary exam is one of the few non-course-related requirements of getting to the dissertation phase. Next up is my secondary comprehensive exam at the end of this semester. That exam will an oral exam on the epistemic requirement for moral responsibility (see how I snuck epistemology into even my secondary exam).


LaboUr Day Weekend

We utilized some of our last summer hours by heading to 'The Grand Canyon of the East' -- Letchworth State Park. It's a great place with tonnes of nice trails, and the scenes can be jaw-dropping (see Karis).