Grill On

As the weather gets nicer here in upstate New York, the grill has returned to the deck.
I got this bad boy last summer and just returned from Lowe's with two filled propane tanks. Anyone is welcome to come on by and have their choice of the following (hopefully the list will grow as summer and my experience grows):

1. The Mother Burger
2. Mrs. Dash-Center Burger (by request only)
3. Grilled Chicken
4. BBQ Grilled Chicken
5. Grilled Salmon
6. Steak (now offered cooked to order)
7. Hot Dogs, Franks, Brats, or Smoked Sausage
8. Grilled Shrimp
8. BRAND NEW ITEM: Mixed Grill [pick three: salmon, shrimp, sausage, steak, chicken]


danny boy said...

Do you do delivery? I think I'll go for the mixed grill - salmon, steak, and chicken. Just whenever you've got time. Thanks.

Trina said...

I think I've already had 3, 5, 6, and 8 (the 2nd 8). The absolutely sad thing is that I had them all in the same weekend. Not that I'm complaining. Everything was fabulous and I highly recommend the salmon. However, I think I felt a bit like Gipp must have felt after he won the mozzarella cheese stick challenge.

Trent Steele said...

I know I've had 2 . . . mother of God, have I had 2. I have the sense never to request the burger with the "core of confidence" ever again.

jon said...

danny boy, sorry no deliveries. Particularly to the west coast.

Trina, next weekend we'll have to go for the full (1-9) sweep.

trent, I think that the Mrs. Dash-center burger is a one time experience. I believe that you have already have had more than that. Any more could seriously threaten your health.

Rob said...

i think i can still taste the mrs. dash with a few pounds of beef wrapped around it. never have i been as full since then. it still haunts my dreams.