Fantasy Fun

Well week 4 tightened everything up.
Larson finally started a full roster and got a win as a result.
Armes put up the most points to date and coupled with me benching too many points gave me a loss, and Trina scored close to 100points in the Monday Night game alone to overtake Christy.

I have made weekly trophies for the highest point totals for each week. They are hard to notice though. You have to either go to your teams trophy case or to the leagues trophy case.

I also want to float another idea out here. What do you guys thinking about turning this league into a dynasty league? That means that it would continue from year to year with the same players. The draft order would be like the NFL where the teams that did worse would draft first. There seems to be a fair amount of parity in our league so what do you think? Another option would be to play this year out and start a dynasty league next year.