Tuesday Morning Smack Board

Another week, another win.

Christy and I are now the lone undefeateds. Dave is now the lone winless.

Chaz mustered the highest total in beating Trina who put up the most points in a loss yet this season. He did so by riding Favre and Green nonetheless. Too bad the Packers only play the Lions one more time this year.

The autodraft haters are also coming out of their closets, though their voices could not be heard when the idea of a live draft was being floated around. Again, everyone is in the same boat, so there is no room for complaining. If you cannot figure out how to change your roster that is your own fault. The worst that can happen is that you get overloaded at one position (like me at WR). The easy solution is to seek a trade, so anyone who wants a quality WR for a quality RB give me a ring.


Tuesday Morning Smack-Board

Well another week on top for me.
I feel like the Bears with all my dominating performances.

I think that I am going to change the scoring for the Defensive Player to get an average game to yeild somewhere around 10-15 points. It just look rediculous when such a player earns a team 0.2 points. If you have any objections let me know.

Perhaps we can all send some encouragement the way of Josh, Chaz, and Dave. Just because they are all 0-2 doesn't mean the season is over. Christy probably still even has hope for the Packers.


Friday's Quotables (NFL edition)

“When we play the way we’re supposed to play, like our defense played the way they played Sunday … I don’t think there’s no team in this league that can beat us,”

-- Roy Williams, after guarenteeing that the Lions will beat the Bears. I agree, every team can beat the Lions.

Corey Dillon was asked about his running style. "I'm downhill," he said. "Like San Francisco."

Big Steps

Big things are happening:

1. This is already the 100th post on this blog.

2. I now have a little blurb next to my name on the Nazareth College website.

3. Most impressively, Karis took her first steps [4 to be exact].

As you can see, it was quite a frightening experience. She does not want to grow up.

Tuesday Morning Smack Board

The relevant facts:

Winners: Jon, Cliff, Brian, Lesley, Christy
Losers: Trina, Ben, Josh, Dave, Chaz

Battle of the week: Ben (69) vs. Cliff (76)

Team with most players who scored less than 1pt: Ben (4)

Most bench points: Cliff (115) -- [nearly double the points of his starters]

Random comment: I'm not sure why the scores sometime go to the 13th decimal point, but whatever.


Knowing How and Knowing That

There is a discussion here about whether knowing how is reducible to knowing that. Knowing when, knowing where, knowing whether, and perhaps a few other forms of knowing do appear to be reducible to knowing that. One might think that knowing how can be reduced to knowing that an action is performed in a certain sequence. The question is whether knowing how can mean merely an ability to perform some action.

Some potential examples:
1) A child who can ski, but at least cannot explain what it is that she is doing seems to know how to ski.
2) Instinctive behavior, such as birds building a nest seems to be knowledge how without any propositional knowledge of what is going on.

So, Questions:
- does it seem right that there is a sense of knowing how that only means having the ability to do such and such independent of knowing any facts about how it is done?
- are the above examples such cases?


Fantasy Football

This morning felt like Christmas morning. I woke up and ran to the computer to see who it picked for my fantasy football team. I'm pretty happy with my team (though I like Lesley's even more). My weakness will be at running back, so anyone who wants to shop around a good RB, give me a ring.

I also have an added investment in my favorite teams with two Colts and two Bears. That will make those games either really good or really bad.

The best draft obviously goes to Cliff who picked up a starting running back on IR (Domanick Davis) and a WR who has just been cut (Charles Rogers).

Thursday it all begins . . .
. . . watch out 'I heart Ranger Randy'!