'March Madness'

Where did the term 'March Madness' originate? The origin of the phrase can be found here along with other tournament related phrases.

I think there are more important questions such as:
1. Who is scarrier Pittsnogle or Morrison?
2. Which is the better sports term 'spurtability' for basketball or 'trickeration' for football?
3. Are there more teams called 'Wildcats' or 'Huskies'?

My thoughts in the comments.


jon said...

1. Pittsnogle is scarrier in name, but if you saw Morrison head-butting the ball you just have to say that he is scarrier overall.
2. I have to say trickeration, though I can't say why.
3. I have no idea. This is a research project that I am commissioning you all to. In my opinion there is too many of either name. Neither are that great, but Wildcats is certainly better.

Trent Steele said...

1. Pittsnogle is far scarier. First off, Morrison is just goofy. Shave all that hair off, and you've just got a nerd who can shoot from 21 feet. Pittsnogle, however, looks exactly like you'd expect a guy from Martinsburg WV to look, and if you get a shot of his parents, you pretty much know this guy's stock. I would far rather get into it with Morrison than with Pittsnogle.

2. "Spurtability" reminds me of what the "pulpy sacs" of a grapefruit might do. "Trickeration" is more strategic, albeit it does conjure up images of The Joker, and therefore of Brian Armes.

3. Gotta be "Wildcats." I've always thought that was the catch-all for generic sports monikers.

Trina said...

1. I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you. I think Morrison is scarier. I agree that Pittsnogle looks a bit rough. But, God love him, that's how he is. He does the best with what he has. Morrison, however, chooses to look like a complete loser with the hair and the faux mustache. I can hardly stand to watch him play.

2. Trickeration, because Mary J. Blige said so.

3. My guess is Wildcats.

Cliff said...

I have to go with Pittsnogle. When I watch Morrison all I see is a 6' 10" seventh grader plodding down the court, prepubescent mustache and all. He just happens to hit anything inside of 25'.

Really, who you going to take? The guy from the land of coal miners or the guy from the land of Bill Gates and Starbucks?

jon said...

Ok, trent and cliff obviously did not see Morrison head-butting the basketball. He just stood there after a rebound DURING THE GAME and started banging the ball against his head! The man is crazy. I have no doubt that Pittsnogle is tougher, but if you had to choose between someone who is tougher and someone who is downright crazy, the crazy person is scarier. Pittsnogle might be able to break a bottle over your head, but Morrison is the kind of guy who would break a bottle over his own head and then take you on. That's scary.