The Supremacy of Philosophy

The GRE, despite my feelings for it, speaks highly of Philosophy majors (despite my participation in it) in contrast with say. . . Social Work majors.
Check out how your major compares here.

The View From Ocean City


Friday's Quotables

"The historic fight for justice has become our own. It is now our turn to leave a legacy for generations to come . . . TO GENERATE HISTORY IN OUR TIME."
- The International Justice Mission's new campaign. Check it out and get involved here.

"Canadians are healthier than their U.S. neighbors and receive more consistent medical care"
- Harvard Medical School Study. Read the article here.

"She had said a couple of things that led them to believe this wasn't their daughter"
- Bruce Rossman with Spectrum Health Alliance, about the mix-up regarding the Taylor tragedy. Read more here.

"Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time?"
- CBS SportsLine's Clay Travis on Pat Robertson's (76) claim that he leg-pressed 1 ton [twice what elite athletes can do]. CBN credits the feat of strength to Robertson's protein shakes. Read more here.