Tuesday Morning Smack-Board

Well another week on top for me.
I feel like the Bears with all my dominating performances.

I think that I am going to change the scoring for the Defensive Player to get an average game to yeild somewhere around 10-15 points. It just look rediculous when such a player earns a team 0.2 points. If you have any objections let me know.

Perhaps we can all send some encouragement the way of Josh, Chaz, and Dave. Just because they are all 0-2 doesn't mean the season is over. Christy probably still even has hope for the Packers.


Trent Steele said...

This morning I'm thinking what I used to think at the end of every Gerig trivial pursuit game . . . how the hell did BennyMoo beat me so badly???

B. Moore said...

Did I use to win at Trivial Pursuit? All I remember is Christy hitting me for screwing up at Hearts.