Snuffed Out

Just days before I am set to become unemployed the Flames go ahead and get knocked out of the playoffs by team Disney! It is bad enough that living in the EST the Western Conference games go until 1am or later and that the only games I can watch on T.V. are between Eastern Conference teams that I have no desire to see play, but now this. At least now I can use my time to catch up on things that I have been getting behind on, like flossing.
With regard to Lord Stanley's Cup, I am now officially moving my allegiance to the New Jersey Devils. I have always liked the Devils in the past, but with their new found offensive style they are a lot of fun to watch when the networks get it right and put one of their games on. Sorry Brian, I just can't go for the Sabres even though they are so close by. Too many Hasek memories.

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