Jesus' Tomb

Perhaps you have heard of the stories claiming that the bones of Jesus have been discovered. These links were passed along to me, so I thought I would pass them along. They are responses to the alledged discovery:

Toronto Star


Ben Witherington's blog also has a lot of good stuff.


Ben M. said...

This is sitting on my TIVO but I haven’t had time to check it out. I wonder how they could claim to have found anything in regard to Jesus. DNA comparisons? Compared with what or with whom?

Odd but fascinating.

jon said...

Hi Ben,
From my understanding the case is made entirely from the statistical probability of the group of names found on the bone boxes in one tomb. There is a box for Joseph and Jesus the Son of Joseph, plus two other boxes for Mary. The connections to Mary are not listed. I have a lot of problems with the statistical calculations alone, but there are plenty of other problems besides. Check out the Toronto Star article: it is a good summary.