Monkey vs. Panda

It has been a long while since I posted anything of any practical of philosophical significance. A recent family debate has brought this issue to the forefront: Monkey vs. Panda.
Who wins? No other information is allowed to influence the decision (ie. what kind of monkey, if the monkey is trained in martial arts, if the monkey has a knife).
I think it is clear that the monkey wins. Opposable thumbs and the ability to use tools seal the deal when at the speedy monkey's disposal.
Sure, the Panda is a bear, but really it is only a nominal bear.
Just check out this picture if you have any doubts.
That said I would appreciate further input.


Anonymous said...

Dude, my money's on Batman.

Benjamin M. said...

Oh man, monkey all the way, that's one evil monkey.

Cliff said...

This is like arguing over who is the tallest of the midgets. Everyone knows that the dolphins are the ones we need to be worried about.