Friday[ish]'s Quotables

I apparently do not hear as many gems over the summer, but I have stored up a few:

"Ha Ha! Burly man and a baby." -- some chubby VBS kid while pointing at me carrying Karis. It was a very Nelson-like moment.

"I am going to proceed now." -- brother Dan to the girl in the drive-through window after giving her his order.

"Shame on the family in my neighborhood who gave their ten year old boy a BB gun. He shot a squirrel that lives in my tree and now a family has no father. How are they to prepare for the winter months and stock their home with nuts? Aim your gun at targets, NOT AT SQUIRRELS. Squirrels are people too." -- This was written in the 'Gotta Vent' section of our neighborhood 'Penny Saver'. The 'Gotta Vent' section is always full of jewels, but this one was particularly good. Did she go and check to make sure it was a male squirrel so as to know it was the father? She obviously has no faith in single parent squirrel families, but 'squirrels are people too' is priceless.

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