D'oh Canada

I am so depressed over the early exit by team Canada from the men's hockey tournament. How does an all-star team get shut-out in three games, one of which was against the Swiss! The *only* consolation in that loss was that both Swiss goals were scored by a Canadian and they have a Canadian coach, but that is not much consolation. I guess the lack of the lucky loonie was a big factor.
A couple other Olympic notes:
1) Who decided it would be a good idea to put the USA snowboarders in pinstripes? I just don't see pinstripes making it in snowboarding culture.
2) What is with the need of NBC to use constant sport analogies in their olympic coverage? Snowboard cross is 'the nascar of the winter olympics', waiting at the top of the hill is like 'icing the kicker', skating warm-ups are like 'a basketball shoot-around'. Are these analogies really helpful? I certainly hope that they are not necessary.
3) Which feud was funnier: the Italian ice dancers or the American speed skaters? I say the Italian ice dancers. That girl had a glare like I haven't seen since . . . .


jon said...

I forgot to mention that team Canada not getting a hockey medal is especially strange given the doughnut-like appearance of the medals.
Perhaps that is why Canada is already at an all-time high in terms of its medal count.

Cliff said...

I've seen worse glares.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad that the friggin yankees are out too!

Surely Jon as a Canadian you know what I'm talking about. You are a Canadian right?

Anonymous said...

Since what? perhaps the 'Queen' of France would know the answer.

jon said...

I believe it, and Rob and Dave probably do as well.
In fact, you are probably getting one right about now.

Rob said...

i think the whole thing boils down to: why are you watching the winter olympics anyway? i think i would rather end up watching like a baseball marathon than the pathetic sports that make up winter olympics. add full contact figure skating, downhill sledding (with a ramp building component), and competitive snowball fighting to the list of events and i will tune in every night. hell, i might even move to colorado springs to train for one of those events.

jon said...

I don't know what it is about the Olympics that draws me in. I wouldn't watch most of these events if they weren't in the Olympics. It must be the medal tracker!
Some notable exceptions:
1) short track speed skating (particularly relays)
2) moguls
3) international hockey: a sport greater than which none can be conceived.